The Total Amount Recovered From Nguyen Van Duong Is A Prominent Issue In This Criminal Case

The Total Amount Recovered From Nguyen Van Duong Is A Prominent Issue In This Criminal Case

 According to information from the General Department of Civil Execution, Nguyen Van Duong is required to execute the penalty with the amount recovered from his illegal gambling activities, and this amount is up to 1.655 trillion Vietnamese dong. However, up to the present time, only 315 billion dong has been recovered, and there are no signs of Duong dispersing or concealing assets.

The Deputy Director-General of the General Department of Civil Execution stated that Mr. Duong has some settled assets in Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, the enforcement agency has identified these assets in Hanoi and is proceeding with the processing. However, the remaining amount that Nguyen Van Duong has to pay is still significant, but the current volume of assets is not sufficient to guarantee it.

Although there are many doubts surrounding whether Mr. Duong has engaged in asset concealment and dispersal, Nguyen Thang Loi, the Deputy Director-General, publicly stated that no evidence has confirmed that Nguyen Van Duong has dispersed or concealed his guaranteed assets. Therefore, Mr. Duong still has to execute the penalty for the remaining amount of over 1.3 trillion dong.

When executing the penalty, Nguyen Van Duong must assume the responsibility of paying for the following expenses after being arrested and ordered by the court. Firstly, he must pay for compensation for damages to the related parties. Mr. Duong’s illegal gambling activities may have caused damages related to information security and confidentiality of individuals and related parties, so he must pay for these amounts.

Secondly, Nguyen Van Duong needs to pay the full amount of over 1.6 trillion dong to the civil enforcement agency, which can be in the form of cash or guaranteed assets. Additionally, he must bear the responsibility of paying compulsory amounts related to investigation and investigative expenses, including examination costs, medical checks, transportation and pick-up/drop-off costs by relevant authorities, as well as trial session costs.

In the current situation, the recovery of the remaining amount from Nguyen Van Duong still faces many difficulties. However, the authorities are continuing their efforts to recover assets and ensure full and fair execution of the judgment. This case has demonstrated the importance of complying with the law and the responsibility of each individual to society.